Ananta Hemp Sativa Oil 100ML (Cold Pressed)

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Hemp Seed Oil


It is raw, unrefined, and cold-pressed to preserve the goodness of the hemp plant. Now you can uplift any dish and give them bountiful nutrition of this hemp seed oil. It is the best solution for all your problems, from personal care routine for daily meals. You can pour a spoonful of hemp oil into all your favorite cuisines.


How to use:

Hemp Oil can be used as cooking oil, however, not suitable for high heat cooking. It also acts as a salad dressing in case you run out of Olive Oil. Oil can also be applied to hair and skin directly or in a combination of other oils.



The hemp seed oil has two advantages. You can use it to enrich the food. You can use it to nutrify your skin and hair. A drizzle of the oil on your meals will boost energy and even benefit gut health! What’s incredible is that it helps improve your cerebrum abilities and renews the skin as well.



Hemp seed oil