Christmas Cheer Bundle

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Rs. 7,700.00
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Christmas Cheer Bundle

1x Hempstrol Full Spectrum Balm

1x Hemp Planet Hemp Shampoo Bar

1x Hempstrol Natural Aromatherapy Hair Root Oil


Hempstrol Full Spectrum Balm

Made in Colorado, USA, Hempstrol’s Premium Skin and Pain Management Balm has been developed with strong research and proven ingredients for physical ailments. 

This Full Spectrum Balm is made by our finest hemp extractors who have an experience of more than 25 years!

Our industry-leading extracts contain absolutely no additives and the only ingredient is therapeutic hemp!

Hemp Planet Hemp Shampoo Bar

Hand made Hemp Shampoo Bar with patchouli and lavender and packaged in all natural biodegradable banana leaf and recycled paper.

Hempstrol Natural Aromatherapy Hair Root Oil

This Oil Is Non-Sticky and is 100% Vegan

Not For Consumption, Only Physical Application.

Use immediately whenever the pain starts to begin.

Pour 5-10 drops on aching muscles and joint areas and massage gently for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Why do Natural Aromatherapy Athletic Care Oil work on Muscle and Joint Pains?