Dr. Navajith Mani MBBS, MS( General Surgery ), DNB

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Dr Navajith is a qualified medical practitioner, General Surgeon, and Family Physician. 

He is experienced in multiple streams of surgery such as:

Laparoscopic surgery –

Gall Bladder, Hernias, Appendix, and other routine laparoscopic procedures.

Laparoscopy is a type of surgery that uses smaller cuts than you might expect.

The process takes its name from the laparoscope, a slender tool that has a tiny video camera and light on the end. When a surgeon inserts it through a small cut and into your body, they can look at a video monitor and see what’s happening inside you. Without those tools, they’d have to make a much larger opening. Thanks to special instruments, your surgeon won’t have to reach into your body, either. That also means less cutting.

Open surgery-

Thyroid, Breast, Gastrointestinal Surgery

This is the traditional operation procedure where a large incision is made to repair or replace an organ or tissue in your body. Open surgery is a major procedure where the surgeon will use a scalpel to make an incision that could be as big as 10 inches to gain access to the organ. Open surgery instruments are used to repair the damage in the organs. For example, a surgeon may use open surgery instruments such as surgical staplers to remove an organ, cutting through tissues or even join two structures. Meril Life’s Mirus Linear Stapler is one such instrument that offers adjustable intermediate locking position and can ensure one-hand operation.

Open surgeries are almost imperative in case of transplants as larger incisions are required to extract the damaged organ and replace it with a healthy organ or substitute.

He is not only a skilled surgeon, he also has vast experience of years in Clinical, Research and Academics activities and shares his wealth of knowledge as a teacher to Undergraduate and Post Graduate teacher for MBBS and MS Students. He has also participated in Research and Organization of symposium/CME Programs.