Dr. Priyanka Pando (MBBS, DLO, CCMTD)

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Dr. Pando hasĀ been blessed with the skills of treating & comforting a wide range of patients with minimal medications & lifestyle changes, both surgical & non-surgical.

Dr. Priyanka Pando is anĀ ENT Surgeon with 13 years of experienceĀ in clinics. She is also trained in Oncosurgery from the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre, New Delhi.Ā 
She has spent a considerable amount of time in learning the science of DietiticsĀ & is a counselor for healthy living too. Besides, she is passionate about writing & researching in Modern Allopathy.
"After been in allopathy for over a decade, I believe, the correct blend of CBD oil and allopathy can be life changing. Life style modifications are an add-on." She says.