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Panamanian born Drummer and percussionist, alumni of the Fundación Danilo Pérez, Panama music Academy and Berklee Online. one of the most versatile session drummers in Panama, covering several musical situations in a wide pallette of genres as in jazz, pop, rock, hip hop, songwriters, etc.
Former member of Llevarte a Marte, where co-wrote the single "al final del día".
Second Panamanian artist endorser of Mapex Drums, by Music Planet Store.
Founder of his own project Trücutu Pàh, pioneering live EDM in Panama and mixing acoustic and electronics drums.
played/recorded/toured with several Panamanian artists, and names as Los Amigos Invisibles, Franco de Vita, Liset Alea, Jennifer Batten, Sofia Hoffman, and others.

Currently living in New Delhi, bought to India by Paddy Singh and Arjun Sagar Gupta.
Actually, splits time between writing about his travel experiences and performing with several Indian Artists and as a Member of Serpents of Pakhangba (with Aruna Jade, Manas Chowdhary, and Vishal J Singh from amogh symphony) whose album recently released past may 2020.

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Fidel Dely
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