Health Horizons Hemp Protein Powder - Chocolate Flavour

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Health Horizons Hemp chocolate Protein Powder | Natural Coconut Sugar| Chocolate Flavor Vegan, Keto Friendly, Gluten Free Plant Protein with Omega 3 and 6 | No Cholesterol | Protein Powder to Build Lean Muscle

  • Health Horizons’ chocolate protein powder provides a high-quality plant protein with branched-chain amino acids, and perfectly balanced omega 6 and 3.
  • It also has twenty vital amino acids with essential fatty acids (2g per serving). Health Horizons’ protein powder is easier to digest than any other plant-based protein.
  • Unlike other hemp products, Health Horizons’ hemp protein is all-natural and without any processed or artificial substances such as hexane or other dangerous chemicals.
  • At Health Horizons, we offer seed-to-sale, organic, non-GMO, sustainably grown seeds, harvested and cold processed into a nutritious powder supplying raw, organic plant protein and healthy fiber with every serving.
  • Hemp Seed Protein is a healthy addition to a whole-food, vegetarian, vegan, raw, paleo, ketogenic, and gluten-free diet.
  • Health Horizons’ Plant Protein is Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and has zero Trans Fat, No Artificial Sweeteners or Preservatives.
  • It is Cholesterol-Free, Lactose-Free, and Easy to Digest - making it an essential part of Everyday Fitness.