Nana Vedik Ekel Sar Shatavari Capsules (60 capsules)

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Shatavari, or Asparagus Racemosus, is an Ayurvedic medicinal herb with various health benefits, especially for women. It The EKEL SAR Shatavari capsules treat infertility in women and aid in maintaining uterine health. It can prove to be instrumental in restoring hormonal balance which often goes haywire due to a poor lifestyle. It helps regulate the menstrual cycle and acts as an effective analgesic in various conditions such as dysmenorrhea.


Benefits of Shatavari Capsules


Antioxidant – Any herb that has antioxidants properties will automatically is considered to be an upgraded herb because it increases its herb quality level. Antioxidants are beneficial for various things. Shatavari capsule is high in saponins. Saponins are compounds with antioxidant abilities.

Immune System – It is found in research that Shatavari root extract had increased antibodies to a strain of whooping cough when compared to untreated. Shatavari capsule is considered to improve the immune system. A strong immune system helps to lead a healthy life.

Cough – Cold and Cough are not major problems but still having cough leads to body weakness and cough is formed from your blood only, which shows that if you having cough for a long time then it will decrease the blood level in your body.

Kidney Stones – Having a kidney stone is not a death threat problem but still not good for health if it remains for quite some time, that’s why it required frequent treatment. In 2005, a study on mice shows that Shatavari might help to prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Depression – Depression is a very serious problem and it has a very serious outcome and sometimes it leads to death and this is not new nowadays. Shatavari is used in Ayurveda to treat depression.

Indications : Helpful in Female Hormonal Balances, Irregular and Painful Menses.

Dosage : 1-2 capsule twice a day with luke warm water or as directed by physician, To be taken under medical Supervision.

Keep out of reach of children. Keep the bottle cap tightly closed. 

Store in cool & dry place 

Protect from Sunlight.