Psychedelic Rock Classes with Heidi Little

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Heidi Little continues to break down barriers in the music industry, lifestyle and education worlds bringing philanthropy, humanitarian and environmental causes together, as love in action, creating community, as love empowers us all.


Since her start with CBC Radio Saskatchewan, Little has graced folk festivals, and venues, theaters, and for cause stages, gaining momentum since and supporting compassionate and inspiring and supporting social movements at every major step. from Idle No More to the Children’ and Youth Empowerment Movement. Songs like “The Message from Mother Earth are gaining ears and hearts, and the 50th ANniversary of Woodstock single, little penned with Woodstock producer and co-creator Artie Kornfeld for the celebration of the 50th spirit.


Spearheading as the Creative Director of Musical Projects for WE, The World, Little has put together a powerful compilation album all “for cause:. Little joins Mark. S. Berry of AMG on a commercial foray into conscious music, and a pay if forward model for albums. Little says “If artists are getting a tenth of a penny per download, lets’ up the anti, and add in more bang for people’s dollars, like building recovery centers and shelters.” Each artist chosen for the album compilation comes with their own charity or organization that fits into one of WE, The WOrld’s 11 Themes of Global Unity.


Rainbow warrior up. Let’s rise!

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