Psychotheraphy With Nishtha Budhiraja ( B.A (H) Psychology, M.A. Psychology, M.Sc Cognitive Neuropsychology)

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Nishtha Budhiraja is a child psychologist and an adult psychotherapist.
She is trained in CBT, couples and family therapy, parental coaching and supportive work
certifications in Art therapy, Suicide Prevention, Play therapy, Addiction Management and diploma in community mental health.

She is here to help and support you against your individual struggles, relationship issues and struggles with mental health issues.
Her team consists of occupational therapists, special educators and speech therapists for all your child's developmental, behavioural and emotional needs. We all deserve to be mentally healthy and at peace.
Reach out for an unbiased professional who will help you help yourself and in the journey of personal growth you'll become a better adjusted person along with the best version of yourself.
Expertise : Anxiety and related disorders, Stress, Personal growth, parental coaching, depression, addiction management, relationship difficulties, communication problems, suicidal ideation.

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