Sound Healing Journey by NaadAnahat

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Rs. 2,000.00
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We are NaadAnahat.
Our project is called Sounds from the Womb.

We are duo of sound artists providing meditative sound experiences to heal, restore and awaken your bliss body.

We work with traditional instruments originating from different cultures; from Indian classical, Tibetan to South American Shamanic... to bring you a blossoming of inner experiences to open your heart and mind to the magic within and without.

We integrate yogic techniques like gentle asana, yoga nidra, mantra and breathwork to prepare body and mind for the experience, depending on the needs of the receiver. ♡

These healing frequencies are designed to bring you into a space of imagination and deep cellular and ancestral healing.

This experience can be powerfully combined with cbd oil to enhance relaxation and pituitary gland activation for heightened effects.

Swirl into a blissful experience with us.
Feel held by our feminine gentle energy and allow yourself to release any stress, tension or worry from your heart or mind.

Offering intuitive card readings after the session on demand to help integrate and guide.

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