Trauma Healing With Nadja Akcadurak.

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Life is stressful. No one these days is untouched by trauma. Mental health challenges, addictions, burnout, sleep disturbances, and worsening chronic conditions are skyrocketing due to worry and stress. Yet trauma, its long-term health effects, and the way forward can be difficult to recognize and the path to healing trauma starts with identifying where it originated and how it’s stored in the body. 

I can assist you to discover body-focused approaches, techniques, and tools to:

  • Safely reconnect with your body

  • Protect your emotional well-being

  • Build authentic relationships

  • Go through difficult life events without them overwhelming or crushing you

  • Successful healing and integration. 

  • Improve your sleep & lower inflammation

  • Be able to use trauma as a gift rather than a setback

About Nadja Akcadurak:

Nadja holds a master's degree in international and global affairs. She is a social impact entrepreneur, transformation and leadership coach, facilitator, and certified yoga and trauma therapist. With more than a decade of experience teaching hundreds of people of all ages, Nadja leads retreats and offers training workshops in Europe, India, and Southeast Asia. 

Nadja is dedicated to helping people who have experienced Trauma and has extensive experience in treating chronic pain, PTSD, burnout, depression, grief, loss, anxiety, panic attacks, compulsive behaviors/ thoughts, sleeping disorders, and more.  Her work is rooted in weaving ancient and modern practices into tangible healing tools supporting emotional growth and radical self-love. She utilizes a holistic therapeutic approach to treatment including a combination of trauma-informed yoga therapy, breathwork, meditation techniques, Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Narrative exposure therapy (NET), GIM (Guided Imagery and Music), and Ancient Shamanic Healing practices. Her teaching art is to drop below the thinking mind and into the realm of our innermost intelligence: the intelligence of the heart and the life force within all of us.


Rs. 1500 Per Session. 

Rs. 7,000 For 5 Sessions.