CBD Oil Made from Marijuana and Hemp: What Are the Differences

CBD Oil Made from Marijuana and Hemp: What Are the Differences

Marijuana is a cannabis plant and it is cultivated for its euphoric, psychoactive and relaxing properties. Contrary to hemp, the seeds and stalks of marijuana aren’t used commercially as a food source. Instead, the plant is harvested for its highly resinous flowers that contain an abundance of cannabinoids. The THC content of marijuana is much higher than it is in hemp.

Marijuana is used to prepare CBD oil. As CBD oil can also be hemp-derived, there is confusion among people which one to buy - CBD derived from marijuana or hemp. Well, before you decide on to buy marijuana oil or hemp-derived CBD oil, read on - 

  • Cannabinoid content 

  • Most of the CBD oil found on the market are full-spectrum extracts. It means that along with CBD, they contain a range of other cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis plants. Now, the ratio between THC and CBD differentiate  CBD oil from hemp and marijuana. 

    Generally, hemp-derived CBD oil contains high concentrations of CBD, but the THC content doesn’t exceed the legal 0.3% limit. On the flip, marijuana-derived oil is sourced from selectively bred high-CBD strains. And it also comes with significant amounts of THC that ranges between 5% and 30%.

    Actually, some high-CBD flowers can have equal levels of THC and CBD. And it brings us to another issue regarding the differences between CBD oil made from hemp and marijuana.

  • Effects

  • Owing to its low THC content, CBD oil that is prepared from hemp has no intoxicating effects on the user. In other words, you will not get high off CBD hemp products. Instead, you may feel relaxed, free of physical and mental discomfort. 

    Besides, you will notice positive changes in your overall well-being as CBD works in the endocannabinoid system. CBD oil from marijuana can get you high. But the psychoactive effects of such products are less intense as CBD counteracts THC's intoxicating properties. 

    Moreover, marijuana derived CBD oil works as a strong analgesic, anti-depressant, and can handle a wide range of chronic, often treatment-resistant conditions. And this is why medical marijuana in India is so popular nowadays. 

  • Uses

  • Full-spectrum CBD hemp oils are labeled as dietary supplements and they are generally found among other counter products in pharmacies, headshops, health stores, and specialty stores across the country. 

    The chief purpose of using this oil is to restore the chemical balance in the body by stimulating the human endocannabinoid system and improve the overall quality of one's life. 

    And marijuana-derived CBD oil has several health benefits and so, doctors prescribe this in some health conditions. If you have the prescription, you can buy medical marijuana India online. 

    As you have a clear view of the difference between the two, it is up-to you the kind of CBD oil you want to purchase. After all, CBD is CBD and your body does not care where this cannabinoid is sourced from. But before buying, you should research properly and then opt for a reputable shop that allows you to buy marijuana online India. So, get ready and buy now from our popular CBD Store India!
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