How CBD can be the perfect accompaniment to therapy

It sure is overwhelming to think about the number of people affected by mental health disorders and those whose life is severely affected by it. Although a lot of us are seeking continuous help, it takes a lot of consistent effort to ensure we are on the right path and we stay healthy and one of the major ways we can do that is through therapy. A therapist is of great help to ensure you stay balanced and well, and that your mental health is on the right track. And CBD is one of the best accompaniments to therapy. Here’s why!

For years, depression and anxiety have been the most common mental disorders. And, for the longest time, the only effective treatments have been psychotherapy and medication. But now, people are looking to complementary and alternative therapies to help with their symptoms.

Studies show that CBD may have the potential to be a fast-acting antidepressant drug. It’s believed to work in a similar way to antidepressants, in so far that it impacts how your brain’s chemical receptors respond to serotonin, the chemical that helps regulate anxiety, happiness, and mood.

While CBD doesn’t increase serotonin levels, it does slightly affect how the brain responds to the serotonin already present in your body. CBD also helps reduce PTSD symptoms. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is characterised by symptoms like intrusive thoughts, re-experiencing traumatic events, avoidance of things that trigger memories of trauma, and nightmares.

While CBD has proven to be effective in treating mental health conditions, we recommend using CBD along with seeing a mental health professional. Self-medicating with supplements like CBD can lead to delays in your treatment or make your symptoms worse, as it has the potential to aggravate such symptoms as sleep problems, psychosis, and anxiety. Hence, it is crucial to work with a healthcare provider who can help to monitor your symptoms while on CBD.

Our doctors will carefully recommend the dosage or product that is most appropriate for your condition, symptoms, and any medications you could be on. Be on the lookout for any adverse side effects, and let your doctor be aware of them before you abruptly stop taking CBD.

CBD products like tinctures, patches, and topicals don’t need direct consumption and can be a good option for those who don’t enjoy direct consumption. So be sure to discuss with your doctor what CBD form is best for you! 


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